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Introducing Tailored Wellness Options

Maybe you sometimes find yourself saying, "I have to do something to XYZ (lose weight/gain muscle/lift heavier)."

Maybe, you're able to say, "I'm a beast," and you just need the smallest edge to push.

Look, even Michael Jordan had a Personal Trainer.

Talk to me, Chris Moore-Cooke, today, and lets see how we can tap into your physical and mental potential.

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Why you should trust me

I've been certified as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 2020 (you can look me up here and here). I'm a one-time winner of the genetic lottery, playing all sports that ended in "ball" and a few that did not (eg, gymnastics). I've done thousands of repetitions of exercises meant to make me stronger, jump higher, and more agile. I've researched and tested exercise gear and diets by the dozens. I once talked my way into a job at GNC by rattling off facts about the supplements on display. I was voted "Most Athletic" by my classmates as a high school senior. My family has referred to me as a "health nut."

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What I Do

Using a little enthusiasm and experience in team sports, my goal is to help you get on the move. Once you're moving, we'll make a plan to beef up your physical literacy. Once your your mind and body understand each other, then the training really starts.

Meal planning

Get a slate of meals with all the details like shopping lists and recipes, customized via the Eat This Much app.

Workout programming

Get a plan tailored to your goals via the Trainerize app, or if you prefer low-tech/high-touch, a hand-written one.

Wellness consulting

There's more information out to the public than ever before. You can pick my brain about what's real.

Private training

In-person sessions will be limited until the current pandemic has abated. Internet workouts are soon to come.

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Thank you Chris Moore-Cooke, for pushing me to work out what is best for my awful body type. Even got little man in on the fun.


Your message is appreciated!

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