Introducing Tailored Wellness Options

Find yourself saying, "I have to do something to XYZ"? Or maybe you say to yourself, "I'm a beast," but need an edge to push? Let's talk today and get closer to tapping that health within.


About Chris Moore-Cooke

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I'm taking what I've done since my youth to a new level. My passion is to reach out and pull together disparate parts; my style is sometimes teach, never preach, but always meet, always learn. I'm just here to guide people in building a healthier lifestyle.

Llifting Weights

What I Do

Using little more than enthusiasm for training mind and body, and experience in team sports, my goal is to help you get moving. Then once you're on the move, together we'll make a plan on how to make you as close to unstoppable as humanly possible. As you know, movement is a little like gravity...all it takes is a little push.

Meal planning

Get a detailed slate of meals to prepare and eat, planned weeks in advance.

Workout programming

At home, in the gym, equipment, no equipment, doesn't matter. Just get fit.


Thank you Chris Moore-Cooke, for pushing me to work out what is best for my awful body type. Even got little man in on the fun.


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